Petit Jardin - Custom Gardens
Custom Container Gardens for Every Space
About Us
Petit Jardin is a full service company for your custom container needs.
Our services include:

Onsite consultation and site analysis:
Based on your lifestyle and budget, we will determine custom solutions tailored to your needs. We take into consideration weather conditions, water sources, weight and height limitations, amount of sunlight, pets, and children. Color, texture, and plant preferences are all noted.

Design: All container gardens are done on an individual contract basis; your container gardens are created to your specifications and desires. Our plantings include seasonal color, ornamental grasses; evergreen shrubs, trees, and perennials; edibles, and herbs. Each planting is unique, using the highest quality materials available.

Implementation: We will coordinate and supervise all onsite deliveries pertaining to your project. Depending on the number and size of containers used, planting will either be done onsite or containers will be picked up at a mutually agreed time, filled and returned to you once completed.

Maintenance: Contact Petit Jardin about bimonthly, monthly, or seasonal maintenance schedules. Includes (but not limited to) pruning, deadheading, and switch out of seasonal color.
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